Your Silence

  You see them dying everday In your tv phone and laptops Bruised faces, dead bodies And rubble as their rooftops I do not say That you can’t make a change But your silence silences them At least give them some change A dollar or two A hope that you can do Food in their […]

To Bashar

You call it a war War against whom? Civilians-childrens women With no gun no bullet You kill and they die And you call it a war, War against whom? The kid who woke up Trying to grasp his breath Realizing he’s under The rubble of death You call it a war War against whom? Girl […]

What’s their fault?

As the father helplessly Watches the rubble His eyes searching for His little daughter Who was just four What was her fault? Or the little boy Who’s taken out of the rubble Shocked and terrified What was his fault? Or the little boy in the hospital Holding his dead brother’s body As he shouts What […]

To Omran, With Love

Your terrified face Shivers the soul of all How can the tyrants Even sleep? I wish I could sit beside you And tell you that everything Will get good But I can’t I will be lying if I say so The world won’t come to peace Tyrants reside in power Brutes control the world With […]

Just Let It Go: FORGIVE

I wanted to talk about a topic that no one and I mean absolutely no one is free from and that’s the issue of forgiveness. Either you’ve been hurt someone or someone hurt before, and I’m here to push buttons, today I’m here to put salt on the would that we don’t want to talk about. […]


The poorest amongst poor are those who can’t even donate a smile. People these days are in extreme need of positivity, shed that positivity on them, smile! You do not know that a simple smile of yours can instill hopes amongst their hearts that make them believe that life ain’t that what they think as, […]

Guide your modesty, save you pride.

So they say Muslim women is oppressed, let’s find the fact. “And those who call out for the freedom of women, let’s call out for equality, let’s call for justice, let’s save this Muslim woman, from the oppression of today, so let’s free her please“, free her from what? Free her from her dignity of […]